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5 things to know when starting a business in Dubai

May 29, 2021 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Holding the title of the UAE’s commercial capital Dubai is catering uncountable business opportunities and leading the commercial modules for investment to every different business body across the globe. International Branding and a business-friendly government are the two major key points that motivate different business entities to invest and start a business in Dubai. One hundred percent business ownership, low import duties, excellent infrastructure, numerous free zone, and less tax deduction, and many other advantages are received by new investors for Business setup Dubai as compare to neighbors countries.
However, starting a business here brings a different challenge. So, we are discussing with you 5 things that you should know before starting a business in Dubai, and then you will face fewer hurdles in your way to success.

  • Tax incentives for incorporation: The reformed taxation act of UAE provides the benefit of tax exemption on private income, company, and corporate tax. On the other side, if we understand this advantage, these tax exemption facilities help in getting 100% percent profit that you can reinvest to develop your business. This taxation feature of UAE law of tax has provided the freedom to the investors to work free-minded and gain a high success rate.
  • Ownership options are available: The UAE government provides two ownership options that are partial and full. It depends on you which one you will choose. You can go for the partial ownership(49%) option in all seven Aram Emirates or 100 percent ownership that is only allowed in free zone areas by running a free zone company. Under the partial ownership, 51% sharing will be held by a local (UAE national) partner. You should find a reliable partner before choosing a partial option.
  • Easily availability of Staff: The beneficial immigration and labor act has increased the ratio of manpower available in Dubai. You can find professionals of every field and nationality that are available to offer their services for your business or company.
  • Competition: As Dubai is the hub of many business entities across the globe, that means you are also going to face huge competition to remain in the market. So be prepared to face different competition phases. It will be better if you focus on learning different business strategies to bring down your future competitors.
  • Favorable currency exchange rate: Before starting a Dubai business setup, you should clear all your doubts about the Exchange rate of Arab Emirate Dirham. The UAE currency is stable and favorable with most of the currencies. It’s been two decades since the currency has not changed by the UAE authorities.

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How a Business Setup Company can help You to establish a good business in Dubai

May 29, 2021 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Dubai is a highly developed business hub due to its easily approachable geographic location and intelligent transportation system. Its highly beneficial government regulations and tax-friendly business opportunities have made many businessmen around the world invest here. If you are also thinking of a Business setup in Dubai, different Business Setup Companies can provide you guidance regarding it. They have specialized business professionals that assist you from beginning to the end of the complete business setup in UAE, including trademark registration, Business Bank Account, Finding Sponsors, Trade license Service, etc. They have a specialist in company setup in Dubai located at Free zone, Offshore locations, and Mainland.

When you start planning about setting up a business in Dubai, the one thing that will come into your mind is to get promising services from Business Setup Company Dubai. Under the guidance of an expert consultant, you will not have to worry about the management of your business. By standing up a business in Dubai, you will get an enormous number of business breaks that one might not get elsewhere in the world.

The team of Business Setup Consultants always maintains good relations with government departments and Free Zones authorities regarding getting assistance for the company formation need of the investors. According to the UAE ownership law, a foreign investor aiming to open a Limited Liability Company will hold only 49% ownership, and UAE national residence person will own 51%. As this Sponshirship is mandatory according to UAE law, finding a reliable sponsor for foreign bodies is a hectic task. But these Business consultant agencies very well understand all the portfolio and assist personally and always guide to find the most suitable and reliable local sponsors.

Hiring a business setup company helps in directing their clients on their different business services in Dubai. They also lead them on accounting and bookkeeping, registration licenses, and company formation. Influencing power of business setup agencies’ expertise always guides in making the right decision instantly and saves them from serious business issues.

Business setup companies comprise

  • Advice on which corporate structure should be selected on behalf of clients’ current and plans.
  • Drafting documents, assembling all files, managing time submission, notarization, and legal handling.
  • Processing the Visa and work permit documents with Arab authorities.
  • Get different approvals from Ministries, Department of planning, Economic department, and Civil Services.
  • Setting company bank accounts.

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How to start a business In Dubai?

May 29, 2021 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Great business comes from great opportunities. The government of Dubai has always provided enterprises across the globe beneficial opportunities serving as an investor-friendly government. Different perks in investment and tax advantages have always motivated the investor to start a business in Dubai. But despite colossal business setup prospects, sometimes it becomes intricate for new business bodies to understand the process to start a business in Dubai. Below we will discuss the details for Business setup in Dubai.

  • Nature of Business: The first step is to decide the type of business activity you want to do and check whether the type of business is allowed in the UAE or not. If you choose the Nature of business, then depending on it, you can then apply for a type of license and other consents required for that business.
  • Selecting the name and shareholder structure: Conditions for choosing the name are that you cannot name your business that is offensive in language or any religion, e.g., the “Allah” word is not allowed to use in a business name. Business setup Dubai works on a shareholding structure to differentiate the legal type of your business. You can opt for anyone like Sole proprietorship, Joint venture, SME license, Limited partnership, and much more available for trade-in UAE.
  • Registration the name: It is crucial to get your company name register with DED (Department of Economic Development) in Dubai. It will take 3 Days to get register and its validation period is of six months. DED accentuates your trade name depending on the license type.
  • Lease business premises: Another essential requirement for Dubai business setup is physical appearance. Documents related to run business premises include Real Estate Regulation Authority (RERA), Tenancy agreement, and Ejari number, are require to be deposited.
  • Initial approval from DED and Draft: After getting premises on rent, the next step is to get support from DED to submit all the necessary documents. After getting approvals, you can start your business and acquire a license from the license issuing authorities. You will also need to draft a Memorandum of Association to DED. The DED will process your business license once the companies registration process accomplish and you can then collect your business license to do business in Dubai. The business license is issue base on the type of the business.

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Where to start a business in Dubai?

May 29, 2021 Uncategorized 0 Comments

If we talk about the best place in UAE, one name that comes to mind is Dubai, “the city of gold.” Dubai provides a very suitable and trouble-free business setup procedure. Other Arab emirates also offer an ideal system to invest for business there, but Business setup in Dubai is the best to opt for. Along with setting a business, you need to focus on where to start a business in Dubai? There are 48 free zones, mainland, multiple offshore, regulated by the government of Dubai, out of which you can select the appropriate location depending upon the nature of your business.
Once, it was a small-time trading nation, but now Dubai has become a global business destination. Everyone is ready to invest there as every business is booming because Dubai is a part of a thriving economy. World-class different locations are available in Dubai for your convenience to start a business.

This dynamic city provides a solution for every structure, budget, and industry. It offers the best location for Business setup in Dubai. Talking about its location, it acts as a central location and gateway between the east and the west. The vibrant city is always open for business to the world.
We have listed some of the best locations to start a business in Dubai.

Al Karama: Highly populated provides has much for everyone. Al Karama, located in the middle of the Shaikh Khalifa Ben Zayed street, has always been a tourist attraction. It has a long list of restaurants providing business setup opportunities. Along with this, Karama also offers enormous benefits to SME categories business. If you intend to work any of these segments, then this is the best place you can opt from.

Deira: Situated at the prime location in the city, it acts as a central hub for old Dubai and new Dubai. The authorities of Diera provide different mix-development options like the hospitality industry, authentic markets, etc. Selecting Deira for Business setup Dubai is a profitable decision.

Al Quoz: Most of the factories and manufacturing units are located here. It has been divided into four zones that set apart factories, storage areas, business units, warehouses, and residential space. You can set up business here by considering these four modules. The first and second zone is available for SME’s, residential plots, educational institutes, medical centers, malls, and business complexes. The 3 and 4 zone includes various oldest manufacturing companies, and it provides considerable benefits to industrial sectors, warehouses, and transportation convenience.

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Why start a Business in Dubai?

May 29, 2021 Uncategorized 0 Comments

All the latest facilities, new FDI law, engaging other non-oil sectors UAE have made it simple and possible for entrepreneurs, foreign investors, and service providers to set up a business here. Dubai is attaining higher ranks day by day as global as a commercial capital. Its legal restructuring has brought the boom in the foreign investment in Dubai, that includes issuing long term visa to investors and establishing free zones that facilitate easy business operations.
All of these facilities and profitable high environment available in Dubai has promoted Business setup in Dubai. We will discuss more why you should start a business in Dubai?

The Emerging Economy: We all have seen how much Dubai has changed in the last 40 years. Following one of the most liberal trade management systems, UAE is providing an open economy with a high return per capital income and annual trade surplus for the last 40 years. Companies with the top brand name and higher capital income are now reallocating their main headquarters in UAE. The UAE is affluent and offers unwavering financial situations to all the investing companies thinking for Dubai business setup.

Commercial Capital Hub: Being identified as a commercial capital hub Dubai is now ranked on the 8th in the world in the names of highest ranked global commercial hubs under GFCI ( Global Financial Centres Index) of the world. Continuously climbing up in this list Dubai is now the most popular regional and business hub of the world. The smart design cities, advanced transport systems, and low-tax slabs for real estate and financial sectors have made it a national and global leader in commercial capital investment.

Availability of Trained Manpower: It is common to share, and everyone knows that workers or labor from different countries skilled as well as non-skilled arrive UAE to work and earn in different companies. Due to the availability of every type of manpower, business owners never get worried about investing more in business because of the availability of a workforce to run the business. Dubai provides favorable earning facilities with a low tax ratio and high wages both for employers and the employees.

Low tax rates: The main hurdle that comes in the way of foreign investors is to understand the taxation system of other territories. UAE also has a great taxations system followed by every investor and citizen residence there. One of the biggest profitable tax categories approved by the UAE government is 100% tax exemptions for the business running under the free zone area and 0% corporate and income tax. It implements a 30% tax rebate on international film and TV production expenses. This directly makes us understand you can run a business with full profit without paying any business and income tax. Just be sure your business comes under the free zone area.

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PRO Services for Company Dubai – Corporate PRO Services

December 31, 2020 Uncategorized 0 Comments

If you are planning to invest or do business setup and company formation in Dubai, then there are certain legal processes and documentation that need to be done. Setting up your own business will take most of your time and is quite overwhelming particularly if you are a foreign investor. For a smoother business setup, it is best to partner with a trusted consulting company who can offer corporate PRO services and assistance that will allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

AlGazal Dubai is comprised of business consulting and PRO experts who will be pleased to assist you with any legalities and documentation required during your company formation process. AlGazal is a trusted and recognized PRO service provider in UAE. The following are our PRO services, but not limited to:

• Coordination and approvals from required Government entities
• Trade name Registration and Approval
• UAE business License application and services
• Arabic and English legal translations of required business documents
• Documentations and paperwork required by municipality, labor department, embassy, and other government agencies
• Visa processing services, application, amendment, and renewal

Are you interested to know more about setting up a company in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE? We will help you with the company formation process. AlGazal is one of the leading business consulting firm trusted by several companies. Feel free to contact us and speak to our business setup experts today. Call us at +971 55 955 5510 or email us at [email protected]

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Step by Step Instructions for starting a Trade Company in Dubai

September 10, 2020 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Dubai has been consistently beating all countries as one of the significant business areas on the planet.  Couple of years back there has been a huge growth in business and financial sectors in Dubai. Sectors such as trade, logistics have also shown remarkable growth. So, starting a general trading company in Dubai is a beneficial investment.

If you are planning in starting a company then Dubai has been consistently beating all countries as one of the significant business areas on the planet. Couple of years ago there has Neral trading association in Dubai and was wondering how to start, we have made life easier for you. Below is a step by step guide to get a general trading license in Dubai.

Steps to Start a General Trading Company:

1- Develop a business plan

The first step for starting a general trading business is to develop a business plan. A good business plan will consider almost all factors such as market condition, competitions, products and activities, total number of employees, office space requirement, Initial investment, Marketing tactics, Investors and financing. These factors determine workings of business. Study these factors thoroughly and create a wise business plan.

2- Choose the Jurisdiction

Dubai market is classified into three jurisdictions, namely free zones, offshore, and mainland. There are currently 48 free zones in Dubai. Free zone offers 100% exemption on corporate and personal income and 100% ownership to the investors. In mainland, the business investors need to find a sponsor for setting up a company who hold 51% shares of the business. Offshore company is the company that is setup in the country different from the country of residence of investor. Choose the jurisdiction according to the requirements of your company. It is better to start you company in Dubai mainland because there is more exposure to the customers, you can trade with other companies in Dubai, there is no limitation on issuance of work visas and open multiple branches.

3- Find a Sponsor

If you wish to setup your company in Dubai mainland, you need to find a sponsor for your business. The sponsor will hold 51% shares in your company. You cannot start a company in mainland without getting your business sponsored by UAE national. There are two types of sponsorship; local sponsorship and corporate sponsorship. While a local sponsor will hold 51% shares in your business, corporate sponsor will give you 100% ownership through investor’s right protection contract.

4- Legal Formalities

Getting a license for your business is very important as it makes your business legal. The company which is trading, importing and exporting needs a general trading license. This license includes the business of products like clothes, accessories, pieces of equipment, furniture and fixtures, and electronic appliances. Steps to get general trading license are as follows:

  • Choose a trade name for the company
  • Plan your business activities
  • Apply for initial approval from DED.
  • Getting external approvals if required
  • Prepare Memorandum of Association (MOA)and get it signed by your partners
  • Choose a business location and get a tenancy contract properly attested by Ejari.
  • Submit the application to the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Pay the fee for the issuance of the license

If you are applying for license in free zone or offshore, you are required to submit the original documents to the Commercial Registry at the trade license and commercial registration department. DED will issue the trading license after getting approval from trade license and commercial registration department. Documents required for application of general trading license in Dubai are as follows:

  • A license application signed by managers or legal representatives.
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Attested company name approval letter from DED
  • Copy of passport and visas of partners

Once you submit these documents, the company officials will check and verify and add your trade name to commercial registry. The DED will forward your documents to the Federal Ministry of Economy for its publication. The ministry will issue the approval letter on successful publication.


For starting a general trading business, you first need to derive a business plan. A business plan will give direction to your business. Once you have a business plan, choose the jurisdiction of your company. The next step is to find a sponsor for your company. At this stage, you will need to complete all the legal formalities to set up your business. You’ll get the general trading company license once you finish all the formalities.

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How to Start a Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai

September 10, 2020 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Healthcare is a very important sector for any country. It is also a major contributor to a country’s economy and its overall development. The UAE government is actively working towards improving and increasing its healthcare offerings. It is building world-class hospitals, installing state-of-the-art medical equipment, and using the latest technologies. There is an increased scope for starting a medical equipment trading company in Dubai since many hospitals and medical clinics are being set up in the city.

The UAE is a popular destination for trade because of its strategic location, excellent transportation system, and a diverse, multi-national population. Its entrepreneur-friendly laws and ease of doing business also make the UAE is a very lucrative destination for setting up a medical equipment trading business.

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention maintains a register of all medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. The federal law states that only registered medicines, equipment, and other pharmaceutical products can be distributed within the country. Hence, only registered products will receive import permission. Any company that wishes to trade in medical equipment must also register itself and the equipment it wishes to trade, with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention.

What license is required to trade medical equipment?

Starting a medical equipment trading company in Dubai requires you to apply for a commercial license< and register your business in Dubai mainland. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the licensing authority that issues business licenses for companies registered in Dubai mainland.

As a foreign national, you can only register your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). To start an LLC in Dubai, it is mandatory to partner with a local sponsor (UAE National). According to the UAE commercial law, the local sponsor will be a 51% shareholder in the company while the non-UAE national partner/s will hold the remaining 49%.

What are the documents required to register the medical equipment trading company?

To register your medical equipment trading company in Dubai, you must submit the following to DED:

  • Trade Name Options: At least 3 alternatives for the company name
  • Business Activity: Specify the activity your business will engage in. The relevant business activities for medical equipment trading company are:
    • Medical, Surgical Articles, and Requisites Trading
    • Medical, Surgical Equipment, and Instruments Trading
  • Passport copy: Of all the shareholders
  • Visa Validation: Entry stamp or visa page if a partner is on Visit Visa or Residence Visa for partner residing in the UAE
  • Emirates ID: Of the Local Sponsor

What is the application process to start trading medical equipment?

  • Get Initial Approval from DED – getting this approval means that the UAE government has allowed your business to be established in the UAE. If you do not receive this approval, you cannot go ahead with the next steps in the application process.
  • Get Trade Name Approval from DED – the DED must approve one of the three trade name options submitted.
  • Prepare and sign the Memorandum of Association (MOA) – the Local Sponsor and at least one partner, if not all, must be present for the signing.
    In the current situation, with several travel bans in place, signing the MOA is done electronically.
  • Rent a physical office or desk facility – it is mandatory for a Dubai mainland company to have a physical office location
  • Submit the tenancy contract
  • Get additional approvals, if any
  • Pay the fees
  • Get the trade license

There are two activity groups classified under Medical Equipment Trading:

  • Medicines Trading
  • Mechanical & Engineering Equipment Trading

Medical, Surgical Articles, and Requisites Trading

This includes the reselling of specific instruments and precise medical apparatuses for treating specific diseases and conditions. It also includes devices such as medical shoes, artificial limbs, batteries for cardiac patients, and replacement parts for damaged organs. This activity falls under the group of Medicines Trading.

Medical, Surgical Equipment, and Instruments Trading

This activity includes reselling instruments and equipment used in hospitals and clinics for diagnosis, treatment, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and x-rays. It also includes manual kits and instruments for surgical operations and bandaging, check-ups, and sterilization. This activity falls under the group of Mechanical & Engineering Equipment Trading.

Company registration with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention

To register your company, you must register and classify your products. You can choose from the following types of registrations:

  • If your company wishes to import the goods and sell directly to hospitals or any healthcare facility, you (importer) will need to be registered as an authorised reseller of the equipment. Your company will need to register with the Ministry of Health and Prevention and must meet its requirements, which includes taking a minimum warehouse space.
  • If your company will be using an intermediary registered seller to trade with healthcare facilities or hospitals, then no registration or warehouse is required.

Now is a good time as any to start a medical equipment trading company in Dubai. In light of the current global pandemic, there is a pressing need for necessary medical equipment to help and support medical professionals in Dubai and around the world who are working tirelessly to end this crisis.

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Starting a Cleaning Services Company in Dubai [Guide]

September 10, 2020 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Cleaning services is one of the most sought-after business activities in the UAE. As a land of expats, the UAE is home to millions of professionals who spend a major part of their day out of their homes. Leading busy lives leaves little time to get any cleaning done, and many may not be inclined towards keeping a full-time house help. As a result, they rely on cleaning services companies for the upkeep of their homes. This, in turn, has made starting a cleaning services company in Dubai a lucrative business venture.

Cleaning services is a large sector that includes residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and industrial cleaning. Each of these categories has further sub-categories that specialise in one activity such as carpet cleaning, water tank cleaning, AC & kitchen duct cleaning, etc.

Types of cleaning services

Residential cleaning services, like the name suggests, tackle residential spaces such as apartments and villas and specialise in cleaning areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other home spaces. Residential cleaning requires basic cleaning equipment and supplies.

Commercial cleaning services cater to commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, hospitals, and buildings. Since these spaces are usually bigger than residential spaces, they require specialised, heavy-duty equipment and cleaning supplies.

Industrial cleaning services are called in to sanitise and maintain industrial buildings, factories, and warehouses. These spaces can have very specific requirements such as commercial waste clean-up, hazardous waste clean-up, etc. Industrial cleaning deals with a whole different type of clientele and therefore requires industrial-grade cleaning machinery, chemicals, and other industrial solvents and cleaning supplies.

Here we will focus on how to start a residential cleaning services business in Dubai.

To start your residential cleaning services business in Dubai, you must register your company with the Department of Economic Development (DED). The DED is the government body responsible for issuing trade licenses for businesses in Dubai mainland.

Depending on the type of shareholding structure you want for your business, a cleaning services company can apply for either a Professional or Commercial license.

If applying for a Professional license,

  • You can have 100% ownership of your business
  • Your company can be registered as a Sole Proprietorship or a Civil Company
  • You must appoint a UAE National as a Local Service Agent (LSA)

If applying for a Commercial license,

  • You must appoint a UAE National as a Local Sponsor
  • The local sponsor will hold 51% company shares, as mandated by UAE law
  • Your company will be registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Requirements to apply for a cleaning services license

  • Completed application form
  • At least 3 trade name options
  • Passport copies of shareholders
  • Entry stamp or visa page of foreign shareholders
  • NOC from the current sponsor, if the shareholder has a residence visa
  • Additional approvals, if any, listed by the DED

The process to register your cleaning services company with DED

  • Choose your business activity from DED’s list of activities
  • Select the company structure for your business. This will be either a sole proprietorship, a civil company, or an LLC
  • Get trade name approval for one of the 3 name options submitted
  • Get the Initial Approval. This approval indicates that the UAE Government has no objection for your business to be established in the UAE
  • Prepare and sign the LSA Agreement (for Professional license) or MOA (for Commercial license)
  • Rent a physical office and submit the tenancy contract along with the Ejari. A Dubai mainland company must have a physical office location
  • Submit the additional approvals, if any
  • Pay the fees and collect the business license

Although starting a residential cleaning services company in Dubai is profitable and fairly low-cost, it is important to factor in other important aspects such as competition, workforce, equipment and supplies, and sub-categories your business will cater to.

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How To Get a Virtual Company License in Dubai

September 10, 2020 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Starting a company in Dubai just got easier with virtual company license coming into the picture. The virtual company license is a joint initiative of Dubai economy, Dubai International financial centre, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Smart Dubai, and Supreme Legislation Committee. Dubai Virtual Company License enables investors and freelancers from all around the world to set up their businesses without having to stay in the UAE. People from 101 countries are eligible to apply for a virtual company license. It covers sectors such as technology, media & entertainment, creative sectors such as design, etc., and various service sectors. Read on to know more about virtual business license in Dubai.


  1. Virtual Company License cannot be issued to residents of the UAE
  2. Owner of the virtual company in Dubai must be a tax-paying citizen from any of the 101 approved countries. Visit VCC’s official website to view the list of approved countries
  3. Only a few business activities are eligible for a virtual company license. Activities such as computer programming, consultancy, design in fields such as fashion, jewelry, interiors, etc.

It should be noted that virtual business owners in Dubai are subject to corporate or income tax in the country where they are based. The company will be subjected to VAT if the revenue of a virtual company in the UAE exceeds $100 per annum. In this scenario, the virtual company license holder will have to register the company with the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority.

How to Apply Online for the Dubai Virtual Company License

Follow the steps given below to apply for a virtual business license in Dubai:

1. Register your company

To initiate the process of registration of your company, visit the Dubai Virtual Commercial City’s official website, fill the application form, and provide all the required information. At this stage, you will also need to provide your trade license name and define the business activity that you intend to carry out.

2. Upload your documents

Following are the documents required to apply for a virtual company license:

  • A copy of your passport (with more than 3 months validity)
  • Proof of address (any utility bill or official letter, not more than 3 months old)
  • Proof of tax residency (if you are not from any of the approved countries)
  • A recent photograph with a white background (not more than 3 months old)
3. Track the status of your application

The authentication process will start once your application is submitted. The Dubai Government will carry out a background check. The authentication process usually takes around a month. Once the process is complete, you will receive an email confirming the approval or rejection of your application.

4. Confirm your identification at VFS Global

After receiving the approval, you will need to visit VFS Global for identification and passport verification. You can book an appointment with VFS Global on their website or send an email. The booking charges for the visit are AED 300.

5. Pay the fees for the virtual business license

After successfully validating your identity at VSF Global, you will need to pay the fees for your Dubai Virtual Company License. You can pay the fees through VCC’s official payment gateway on its website, provided by the Dubai Government’s Smart Dubai. This Virtual Company License fee depends on the validity of the license. The total cost of the Virtual Company License is AED 850, that is, AED 650 per year for the virtual company license and AED 200 for the company name.

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How a UK citizen can open a corporate bank account in the uae

September 10, 2020 Uncategorized 0 Comments

The United Arab Emirates has a prosperous economy. It hasshaped itself as leading cosmopolitan hub of the world. Its infrastructure, strategic location, availability ofskilledmanpower,and constant support fromthe UAEgovernment attractinvestors from all around the world.In recent years UK citizens havestarted investing in the UAE market.They are making a remarkable presence inthebusinesslandscapeintheUAE. Starting a company in the UAE can be challenging for expats. There are a lot of important things involved in the process that might seem difficult to most of the people. One such important thing is opening a corporate bank account in the UAE. If you are a UK citizen planning to open a corporate bank account intheUAE, then this article is for you. Read on to know how to open a corporate bank account intheUAE.


  • Zero taxation
  • Non-restrictive banking options
  • Dedicated regional manager
  • Easy international access
  • Easy transfer of funds
  • Mobile and Online Banking
  • High level of secrecy
  • Flexible investment period
  • Asset management is available

Steps to open a corporate bank account in the UAE

1. Get Your Business License

A business license is the identity of your company. It is important to get a business license in UAE in order to start a business and to open a business bank account. Without a business license, you’ll not be able to open an account.

2. Get the Necessary Documents

The next important step is to make sure that your documents are in line. The documents needed can differ slightly from one bank to another.The following documents are required for opening a corporate bank account.

  • Bank account opening form
  • Resolution from the board of directors sanctioning the opening of bank account, and the signatories to the account
  • A copy of the business license
  • A copy of share certificates
  • Copies of passports of all the business partners
  • A copy of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Copies of valid passports of all the shareholders

Sometimes you will need to provide invoices, reference letters from the business partners, company business plan, and other information regarding your planned business activity.

3. Choose the Bank

Once your documents are in place, you can find a bank which suits your requirements. Consider the eligibility criteria and income while determining the bank. The banks which provide corporate bank account facility in UAE are;

  • Emirates NBD
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)
  • Mashreq Bank
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
4. Application Process

It is suggested to visit the bank to have face to face meeting with the advisor. Clear all your doubts and queries for opening a bank account in UAE. The bank will review your application and send you an email confirming the approval or rejection of your application

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How to Start Trade License Dubai – Complete Guide

September 10, 2020 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Dubai is among the very most populous regions from the UAE. There are many ventures and business opportunities in Dubai that attract foreign businessmen and investors each year. Dubai offers a huge market for foreign investors seeking investment and business set up possibilities. Understanding and identifying the need of the market, the Instant Trade License in Dubai was introduced by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai.

What is the Instant License in Dubai?

Through the instant license initiative, you can get a commercial or professional license in Dubai in just 5 minutes. Introduced with the aim to boost the UAE’s economy, the instant license makes it easier and quicker for entrepreneurs to acquire a trade license and start their business in UAE mainland.

It is a one-step process that does not need either the Memorandum of Association (MOA) or the rent contract for the first year. You submit these only upon renewal of the business license.


Depending on the nature of your company and the documentation and approval requirements specific to your business, obtaining a commercial or professional license could take about two days or more. But with the Dubai instant license, you can get your trade license within a few minutes and with fewer requirements.

Here’s a quick look at the benefits of instant license in Dubai:

  • Issued in 5-10 minutes
  • Same day issuance
  • Start conducting business immediately
  • Trade name registration not required for the first year
  • MOA not required for the first year
  • No rent contract required for the first year
  • Online or in-person application

Who can apply for an Instant Trade License in Dubai?

Companies with the following business structures can apply for an instant license in Dubai:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • One Person L.L.C.
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Civil Company

Note: Instant licenses in Dubai can only be issued to activities that do not need any external approvals.
External approvals are additional approvals required from other government authorities or government-approved agencies.

Documents Required for an Instant License in Dubai

Document requirements differ depending on the channel through which you apply for the instant license.

If applying through DED’s e-Services platform:

  • No additional documents required
  • Original ID required to create an account and get a UAE Pass ID (for those not having an existing account)

If applying through Service Centres, Happiness Lounges, or Smart Lounge:

  • Passport copies of all partners and managers – all partners or at least one of them must be present at the service centre to apply for the license
  • UAE residence visa copy and Emirates ID of foreign partner(s)
  • UAE visit visa copy of foreign partner(s) [if not holding a residence visa]
  • NOC from the current sponsor of residence visa-holding partner(s)
  • Passport copy and Emirates ID of local sponsor

Note: NOC from a sponsor is not required in the case of General Trading.

Cost of Instant License

Payment Voucher

You will be issued a single payment voucher which includes the fees for initial approval, trade name reservation, and issuance of the license. The cost of the instant license will vary depending on the activity of your company. However, a fixed Market Fee of AED 3,000* applies to all types of business activities.

*To support and encourage entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dubai Economy has reduced the Market Fee to AED 250. This amount is applicable for the first year. From the second year onwards, the renewal fee will be 2.5% of the rent of your commercial space.

Sponsorship Fees

It is mandatory for any UAE mainland business to have a local sponsor. The sponsorship fee amount is based on mutual agreement between you and your local sponsor.

Application Process

Following are the basic steps to apply for an instant license in Dubai on the DED e-Services platform:

  • Select the Legal Type (business structure) – LLC, LLC-SO, Civil Company, or Sole Establishment
  • Choose your business activity from the list of available activities
  • Select the shareholding structure of your company
  • Choose three trade name options
  • Decide the share capital of your company
  • Complete the necessary application forms
  • Submit the required documents
  • A payment voucher will be issued
  • Make the payment
  • Receive the Instant Licence

Once the trade license is issued, you

  • Instantly become a member of the Dubai Chamber, if your business engages in commercial activity
  • Receive an establishment card of the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), for an additional fee
  • Receive three work permits for employees from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE)
COVID-19 Update

The global Novel Coronavirus pandemic has caused several countries to either shut their borders or restrict air travel. This, in turn, has affected businesses, both locally and internationally.

Given the current situation where travelling remains limited, Instant License has become more relevant than ever. It is the best option for entrepreneurs around the world wanting to register their business in Dubai and the UAE. You can apply for it remotely and from the safety of your home. It also does not require you to travel to the UAE.

  • Apply online for the Dubai instant license through DED’s e-Services platform.
  • Apply in-person at Service Centres, Happiness Lounges, and Smart Lounge.
  • Alternatively, if you are not familiar or comfortable with online applications, you can engage the services of business setup consultants in Dubai to help you get an Instant License.

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