Why start a Business in Dubai?

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All the latest facilities, new FDI law, engaging other non-oil sectors UAE have made it simple and possible for entrepreneurs, foreign investors, and service providers to set up a business here. Dubai is attaining higher ranks day by day as global as a commercial capital. Its legal restructuring has brought the boom in the foreign investment in Dubai, that includes issuing long term visa to investors and establishing free zones that facilitate easy business operations.
All of these facilities and profitable high environment available in Dubai has promoted Business setup in Dubai. We will discuss more why you should start a business in Dubai?

The Emerging Economy: We all have seen how much Dubai has changed in the last 40 years. Following one of the most liberal trade management systems, UAE is providing an open economy with a high return per capital income and annual trade surplus for the last 40 years. Companies with the top brand name and higher capital income are now reallocating their main headquarters in UAE. The UAE is affluent and offers unwavering financial situations to all the investing companies thinking for Dubai business setup.

Commercial Capital Hub: Being identified as a commercial capital hub Dubai is now ranked on the 8th in the world in the names of highest ranked global commercial hubs under GFCI ( Global Financial Centres Index) of the world. Continuously climbing up in this list Dubai is now the most popular regional and business hub of the world. The smart design cities, advanced transport systems, and low-tax slabs for real estate and financial sectors have made it a national and global leader in commercial capital investment.

Availability of Trained Manpower: It is common to share, and everyone knows that workers or labor from different countries skilled as well as non-skilled arrive UAE to work and earn in different companies. Due to the availability of every type of manpower, business owners never get worried about investing more in business because of the availability of a workforce to run the business. Dubai provides favorable earning facilities with a low tax ratio and high wages both for employers and the employees.

Low tax rates: The main hurdle that comes in the way of foreign investors is to understand the taxation system of other territories. UAE also has a great taxations system followed by every investor and citizen residence there. One of the biggest profitable tax categories approved by the UAE government is 100% tax exemptions for the business running under the free zone area and 0% corporate and income tax. It implements a 30% tax rebate on international film and TV production expenses. This directly makes us understand you can run a business with full profit without paying any business and income tax. Just be sure your business comes under the free zone area.

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